(Our Knowledge, Our Power)
Virginia Eubanks
About Popular Technology
How do we create a more just present? How do we make science and technology serve social justice?

Popular Technology is a critical approach to thinking and acting in our shared technological present. It focuses on how science and technology impact our lives, work, families, and community every day. The practice is rooted in the belief that people closest to problems have the best information about them, and are most invested in creating smart solutions.

Interested in issues like high-tech development’s impact on employment and the living wage, the use of technology in the social service system, or the connection between the information economy and prison expansion in the Capital Region? Want to design and prototype tools to spread information, ameliorate injustice, and connect concerned community members?

Join us! Popular Technology provides a space to collaborately create new knowledge and build tools to promote economic, political and social democracy.

To begin, explore our current projects: Our Knowledge, Our Power: Surviving Welfare and the Popular Technology workshops. If you want to find out more about what we believe, see the High-Tech Equity Agenda.